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Strategic Planning

We offer a wide variety of Strategic Planning and Strategic Plan Writing services tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.  Whether you need full planning and facilitation, or assistance with a single business unit, quality, or technology project – Oneiro can provide solutions you need to succeed in these tumultuous, demanding, and exciting times.


Strategic Plan / Business Plan

Whether you need full business planning services or a simple update to your existing strategic plan, we can provide you with everything from pre-planning analysis and workshop facilitation, to post-planning documentation.  Our unique business plan development process will ensure you have plan that is easy to communicate, update, and implement.  Our business plan philosophy is simple, clear & precise.  We avoid the ambiguity, buzz-words, and unnecessary documentation that often restricts a company from actually understanding and deploying a strategy.

We believe you should be able to teach the fundamental elements of your business plan to a new employee or board member in a matter of an hour or so.  If not, the plan may be too complex or ambiguous.


Board & Executive Planning Activities

You cannot move toward your desired future without a strong consensus among your Board and Executive Leadership.  We will help you create a shared vision for your organization that is supported from the top, ultimately leading to successful business planning and tactical deployment of your goals.  The concept of a shared vision is more than a phrase of the month.  Moving forward without a shared understanding of what your desired future looks like may become quite expensive.  In some cases you could undermine your competitive advantage.


Communicating Your Strategy

We will help you develop a communication strategy to ensure your business planning goals and tactics are understood by everyone in your organization.  From the boardroom to the front line, to vendors, and customers.  Again, our planning philosophy is all about developing simple, clear, and precise business plans.  These can be developed with less resources and less cost – saving you money today, to spend on strategies tomorrow.

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